About NLP

NLP will..

  • Be offered to complement coaching if the situation would benefit from any of the techniques
  • NLP uses techniques modelled on excellence often called a 'psychology of excellence'
  • Discovering and taking on beliefs, values, behaviours and mental sequences found in people who are outstanding.
  • NLP teaches new skills and ways to approach your behaviour through different techniques, enabling you to choose the best way forward for you, which previously may not have been learned or considered.
  • NLP acknowledges that people are all different; NLP is the influence of language on our mind and subsequent behaviour.

My Qualification…

  • I completed the ANLP Accredited Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming with Learning Behaviour & Change, experts in their field.
  • The Practitioner qualification involved 90 hours of recognised distance learning
  • 70 contact hours of training in NLP, as accepted by the Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
  • ANLP has a Code of Ethics, which I practice.

How NLP works…

  • Firstly it is very important to ensure the outcome that you want does not conflict with your value and belief system, otherwise the outcome will not be achieved
  • We will work together to recognise the impact of the change before it occurs by making internal and external checks
  • To assess the potential effects on you and those around you to reaffirm the change
  • It is important to spend time clarifying your expectations to ensure the required outcome or goal before we take action
  • Using sensory and behavioural flexibility I work both from a physiology and psychological level to ensure the goal or outcome will increase the level of choice for you

What NLP is not…

  • NLP is not counselling or mentoring or consulting.
  • It is not giving advice.