Investing in you

Investing in you

Congratulations! You have taken the first important step towards realising your full potential, read on… I have listed some frequently asked questions below:

Coaching or NLP?

  • Life Coaching and NLP work exceptionally well together. Your required outcome very much depends on which technique will be most beneficial to you at the time. Coaching will be the primary lead.
  • Life coaching facilitates you to realise your goals and how to achieve them, moving from the present to the future. Helping you to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.
  • NLP is about learning new behavioural skills to approach issues in a new way. Giving you more choice to resolve the situation you find yourself stuck in. This will enable you to choose the best way forward for you, which previously may not have been learned or considered.
  • It is often the case that during coaching, clients will benefit from NLP techniques and visa versa. I will work with you to ensure we use the most appropriate technique to get the best results for you.

How long will my coaching sessions last?

  • 1 to 1.5 hours initial consultation.
  • Followed by 1 hour by telephone or face-to-face coaching sessions.

How often will I need a coaching session?

  • It really depends on your needs, it can be anything from weekly to monthly as a guide.

How do I know if coaching will work for me?

  • I have included some testimonials on the website
  • I know you will find it reassuring to read how other people I have worked with have benefited from life coaching.
  • I hope this will encourage you.

What is the payment and charging policy?

  • There are various packages available either paying per session or on a retainer basis.
  • A retainer package for example can be up to 3 months, which can include a combination of phone calls and/or emails to support you in addition to a set number of telephone or face-to-face coaching sessions.
  • Full payment is required a minimum of 24 hours prior to the coaching session, via the Paypal link on my website.
  • It is also possible for us to tailor a package to your requirements.
  • Everyone is different, please contact me to discuss a package that best suits your requirements.